Toddler Tantrums? Here’s How to Deal with Them

Toddler Tantrums? Here’s How to Deal with Them

One thing children do that makes parents scratch their heads is throwing a tantrum. We know it might be a lot to handle tantrums because we have been there, too. As a childcare provider, Petits Poussins Brooklyn has heard familiar stories from parents.

Toddler tantrums happen because your child might be hungry, angry, lonely, or tired (HALT). These are some tips we do at our preschool in Brooklyn.

  • Avoid bribery.
    A lot of parents give in to the tantrum, like giving children what they want to stop whining. However, this can only make things worse as children associate throwing a tantrum with getting what they want.
  • Make a distraction.
    Research shows that children have shorter attention spans. So, take advantage of this and try to divert their attention to something else.
  • Let your child be angry.
  • Sometimes, you just need to let your children learn how to vent their emotions. However, make sure they do not harm themselves or those around them.

  • Give specific commands.
    Instead of vague imperatives, be specific when you tell your child to control their emotions. Say “Don’t hurt the dog” instead of “Be good.” Also, remember to be calm and avoid raising your voice.
  • Acknowledge your child’s feelings.
    Children also want to be heard. Apart from letting them talk, say something that recognizes how they feel like, “I know it’s sad when your toy gets broken, isn’t it?”

Tantrums are a normal response to frustration, and as children grow, they will eventually learn how to manage these emotions the right way.

If you want your children to develop academic, emotional management, and other essential life skills, enroll them at our daycare Brooklyn, New York!

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