Strategies for Raising a Bilingual Child

Strategies for Raising a Bilingual Child

In a world that’s quickly moving towards diversity and globalization, the ability to speak more than one language has opened many social, economic, and intellectual advantages.

This is why Petits Poussins Brooklyn does their best to teach little tots a new language at an early age. At this stage in life, your little pumpkin can absorb information like a sponge, so take advantage of it!

While we make sure that the students at our Preschool in Brooklyn have lots of programs to improve children’s mastery of the French language, we need your help to continue this practice at home.

So here are a few tips that we use at our Childcare Center:

  • Increase the quantity
    This means giving your child more opportunities to see, hear, and experience how the language is spoken. You can do this by listening to music and watching movies that are in the target language.
  • Increase the quality
    Besides exposing your child to random bits of the language, invest in resources that will help them improve. Things like books or even face-to-face conversations can drastically speed up their mastery of the language.

Guess what? These tips aren’t only for teaching French to your child. You can also use these when teaching your child or even your entire family a new language.

Encourage your bilingualism in your child by enrolling them in bilingual education such as our Daycare Brooklyn, New York. Dial 646-334-3423 to learn more.

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