Teaching Your Child About the World Through Food

Teaching Your Child About the World Through Food

Train your little world explorer’s tastebuds by introducing them to cultural food at an early age. While they are able to interact with other children in their Preschool in Brooklyn, that’s not enough to show them the wonders of other cultures.

Aside from exposing them to the different tastes and textures around the world, being exposed to different types of cuisine can make your child less picky with food.

We all know how hard it is to feed a picky child! That’s why Petits Poussins Brooklyn is here to share a few tips on how to slowly expose your child to the different cuisines around the world. Take a look:

  • Serve food in a familiar form
    New flavors aren’t as scary when you serve in a form that is familiar to your children, such as meatballs, pizza, and skewers.
  • Keep the sides simple
    When serving a new dish, try to make simple side dishes that you’re sure your children will already eat.
  • Separate the toppings
    Some cultural dishes have toppings that may scare your child. So try to serve those separately so they can choose whether or not to try it out.

We always make sure that the students in our Childcare center are aware that other cultures around the world exist and that exploring those cultures can yield many beautiful discoveries and memories.

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