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Petits Poussins Brooklyn is a bilingual daycare and preschool in Brooklyn, New York, that welcomes students from six weeks to five years old. Our school provides bilingual classes that are inspired by the French national curriculum as well as the New York State standards.

Petits Poussins Brooklyn offers infant care and toddler care for ages 6 weeks to 24 months. We also offer a preschool program for ages 2 to 5 years old. Our classes are organized by age-groups to allow a homogeneous teaching. Out teacher/student rans from 1/3 and up to a maximum of 1/10 for the older groups.

Our curriculum focuses in depth on bilingualism and early language acquisition, along with the development of our children’s fine and gross motor skills and creativity. Our vocabulary-rich curriculum, infused with sing-alongs and read-aloud at all ages, helps our children develop vocabulary in a stress-free environment. This helps building a second language that our children are eager to communicate with, by using what they have learned in class into their everyday lives and routine. At Petits Poussins Brooklyn, learning takes place in various ways, such as storytelling, singing, and drawing. We value all our children’s “Multiple Intelligences” and help them learning in the best atmosphere. Teaching is individualized according to each child’s need.

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