Should Your Child Learn a Second Language?


As a daycare Brooklyn, New York, Petits Poussins Brooklyn offers kids a bilingual program based on the French Education Nationale “Classe Maternelle” alongside its early education modules. This means kids under our care get to have primary exposure to learning a different language.

Some families may only think of this as a perk in their kids’ learning experience. But research by childcare experts shows that learning a second language benefits kids in the long run, especially when started early.

These benefits of bilingualism, or the ability to understand and speak another language, include:

  • Setting them up for better academic performance
    Language learning is a very stimulating process for the developing brain, encouraging better memory retention and recall, comprehension, and analysis. Data from the College Bound Seniors Report showed that students with four or more years of foreign language learning score an average of 140 points more than their peers with less experience. The brain is like a muscle: the more you train it, the better it gets.
  • Raising their appreciation of their mother tongue
    Concepts that kids intuitively learn while practicing another language are carried forward to their mother tongue. This encourages them to hold their original language more dearly.
  • Expanding their civic consciousness
    In our already diverse country, learning a second language opens kids to brand-new perspectives. This makes them more conscious of others in the community, encouraging them to be compassionate, empathetic, and cooperative citizens.

Do you have questions about our bilingual program? Call our preschool in Brooklyn for more information today.

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