Infant Development and Engagement by Parents


Watching the first step, first smile, or first word is a great experience and milestone for both the parents and their baby. During their first year, they try to explore and learn about their surroundings through their five basic senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. Further, they slowly develop their cognitive development such as learning language and remembering things. Also, the bond between the infant and their parents is important to develop the baby’s social and emotional development. With this, here some helpful things to remember to help in the development of your baby cognitively, emotionally and socially:

  • Talk to your baby and answer they make sounds in order for them to learn language
  • Praise your baby, cuddle and shower her/him with love
  • Play with your baby, read or sing to them

Petits Poussins Brooklyn is a bilingual daycare in Brooklyn, New York that offers admission to students aged six weeks to five years old. We focus on developing a child’s motor skills and creativity. We also help them in their early language acquisition and build a second language that allows them to communicate with other people of different nationalities.

Our childcare services include infant care for babies aged six weeks to twelve months. We incorporate various development approaches to learning in order to develop their language skills, as well physical, cognitive, and social and emotional skills.

To know more of our preschool in Brooklyn, you may reach out to us anytime at 646-334-3423.

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