French as Your Child’s Second Language


To all the parents out there who want to introduce a second (or third) language to their child, here’s our recommendation: Choose French.

Why does a Daycare Brooklyn, New York, recommend French? Well, there are several reasons you should choose it, all to your child’s advantage. But for now, here are three of them:

First, many of the words in the modern English language are derivatives of French words. So, the word they are learning from French isn’t as far from its English equivalent as it might seem. Thus, not only is your child learning French but he or she is also expanding their English vocabulary earlier than other children.

Second, there are many individuals who speak French. In fact, 300 million individuals in this country speak French. Thus, they will have no trouble speaking to other French-speaking individuals and will be offered opportunities only for French speakers. Also, they’ll be more immersed in French culture if they understand the language.

Third, Childcare providers see learning French as a second language as an advantageous investment. When your child learns French, he or she is engaging in mental exercises that enhance cognitive development and abilities. These children grow to be school-ready verbally and mathematically. They are also very sought-after by organizations with French-speaking partners, clients, and beneficiaries.

So, enroll your child at Petits Poussins Brooklyn right away, and immerse your child in French culture, language, and people. You can connect with our Preschool in Brooklyn by calling us at 718-710-4403, emailing us at, or visiting us at Petits Poussins Brooklyn, 11 Hoyt Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

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