Understanding Child Development

Understanding Child Development

The sequence of physical, language, thought, and emotional changes in children from the day they were born up to adulthood is referred to as child development. It’s a process that every child goes through from dependency on their parents to exercising their autonomy and agency. Many say that child development is heavily influenced by genetics, but there are also those who argue that childcare and the environment shape their learning capacity.

Child development is a full set of skills that children master which includes:

  • Cognitive skills help them to understand and solve problems. Cognition allows children to comprehend complex ideas and identify patterns.
  • Social interaction and emotional regulation or how they relate with other people and exhibit self-control. Most children can learn these skills from a preschool in Brooklyn or even during playdates.
  • Communication skills refer to children’s use of speech, language, and reading so they can communicate with other people.
  • Physical abilities refer to children’s development of their fine or gross motor skills. These physical abilities help children interact and move with other children.
  • Sensory awareness refers to children’s registration of sensory information like the things they see, hear, smell, touch, taste.

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