Grumpy Kiddo? Here’s How to Deal with Temper Tantrums


Temper tantrums are common in childhood, but why do they occur? It’s possible that your child lacks the words to express his or her emotions. An outburst that leads to a temper tantrum could be the result of frustration. In this article, our childcare services will share how you can professionally and gently handle your child’s temper tantrums.

The best way to handle a tantrum is to prevent it from happening. Childcare experts at our preschool in Brooklyn believe that approaching tantrums by staying calm can help encourage good behavior in young children.

Here are some tips they would like to share:

  • Establish a routine and follow it as closely as possible.
  • Be prepared. Pack a small toy or snack to keep your child occupied if you anticipate waiting in line during errands.
  • Try not to say no to everything. Allow your toddler to make choices to give him or her a sense of control.
  • Encourage good conduct. When your child behaves well, pay them more attention. When your child shares or follows instructions, hug them or tell them how proud you are.
  • Avoid situations that could cause tantrums, such as shopping areas with toys or restaurants with slow service.

If your child becomes destructive with their tantrums, stand your ground. Put them on timeout whenever needed. Select a space in your home where your child can ponder on their actions. Be firm with your timeout rules and know when to end it. Don’t use timeout all the time, though, as it may not work next time.

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