Yasmina Laib

My name is Yasmina Laib, I’m from Algeria. I was born and grew up in a big family, where I learned to be responsible and kind to all age groups. I was surrounded with brothers, sisters, cousins , uncles , aunts and a lot of kids with whom I shared love and kindness. Growing up in a big family meant that I used to help my sisters with taking care of my nephews and nieces since the tender age of 14. I also have a Master’s degree and after graduating, I worked for one year in my sister’s daycare.

In 2018 I joined my husband in the USA and landed my first job in a child-care center. I worked there for 2.5 years where I gained more experience on how to interact and teach children. I then worked in two more childcare centers. Now that I’ve started my journey here at Les Petits Poussins Brooklyn, I’m looking forward to being your child’s French teacher.

kid playing and kid lying in the floor